Spring Into Good Vibes With Our Spring Collection


Come spring, many of us take inspiration from Mother Nature and blossom into the best versions of ourselves. Like the strong bears we are, we shake off the hibernation blues and open eyes glittering with positivity and optimism. If you're working hard to better yourself and the world around you, why not announce it with shirts as bright and cheery as your aspirations?

In 2022, Rockledge Designs is embracing positive change with a spring collection of shirts for starry-eyed flower children everywhere!

Love Is Such a Beautiful Thing

An uplifting slogan doesn't have to be complicated. Sometimes, it just needs to reaffirm what we already believe loudly and proudly. That's what makes our Love is a Beautiful Thing graphic t-shirt one of our favorites.

Inspired by the freedom fighters of yesteryear, this graphic t-shirt puts peace at the forefront. Bordered by colorful flowers on a groovy background, our Love is a Beautiful Thing shirt will put peace in your mind the second it's on.

Treat Yourself With Kindness

The trials of everyday life can be draining. We work, love and live with others in mind. However, we need to remember to treat ourselves with care and kindness.

Our Treat Yourself With Kindness shirts embraces self-care. The message is emblazoned in a retro font that wraps around flowers and a timeless symbol of gentleness: the butterfly. Even the toughest, world-weary wildcats among us need to practice a little self-care.

Good Vibes

A loving way of life is the best way to impact the world around you. That may come in the form of environmentally-conscious choices, promoting inclusivity, or going out of your way to be kind. No matter the action, good vibes are the threads that hold us together.

Behind the Good Vibes message on this vintage faded tee is a retro-inspired sun under a bow of simple stars. Like the sun and stars, radiate warmth and breathe life into everything you touch.

Choose Happy

Happiness isn't always a default state. Some days, it takes a conscious effort to choose kindness over being withdrawn and cold.

The pastel color scheme of our Choose Happy retro graphic tee is a reminder to do just that. With a simple flower and 70s-inspired background design, this shirt just looks like a spring day: sunny, soothing, and happy.

Embrace Change

As you can probably tell, we love nature and the lessons it teaches. Like our Treat Yourself With Kindness design, our Embrace Change t-shirt celebrates the essence of nature: change.

By trusting change, caterpillars soar. By opening to the world, flowers grow. Together, they pollinate and spread dazzling beauty wherever they go. Year after year, change turns barren wastelands, both figurative and literal, into lush pastures of life.

Be Inspired by Rockledge Designs' Spring Collection

Those are only some of our favorites. To find inspiration this season, check out the rest of our spring collection of vintage graphic shirts. Our eco-friendly printing process ensures our shirts don't crack or peel. With each wash and wear, our shirts become more you and spread good vibes. Let us know which one is your favorite by tagging us on Instagram at @rockledgedesignsal