Fun Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

Halloween is full of fun, and there’s something for everyone! Kids can look forward to costumes and tons of treats. If you’re looking for another way to add some excitement to this fall holiday, check out some Halloween craft ideas for kids. Your kids will love crafting up some creepy creations! And there’s no need to wait until Halloween to make these crafts either. In fact, they’re great to make before the holiday and use for decorations. Check out our list of Halloween craft ideas.

Halloween craft ideas for kids

  1. Vampire Bat Leaves
  2. Monster bookmarks
  3. Cookie spiders
  4. Halloween slime
  5. Pumpkin apple stamps
  6. Halloween toilet paper rolls
  7. Monster stones
  8. Paper plate pumpkins
  9. Ghost garland
  10. Halloween stick puppets

1. Vampire Bat Leaves

There’s no doubt that fall foliage is beautiful, and you can also use it for crafts. These vampire bat leaves are extra fun since you get to gather supplies outside. Take the kids on a crisp walk and gather some leaves. Maybe make a pile and jump in while you’re at it! Once you have leaves, spray them with black spray paint. When they’re dry, the kids can use a white marker to draw vampire faces. And why stop at vampires? You could try white spray paint and black markers to make ghosts.

2. Monster bookmarks

What better way to mark your spot in a spooky story than an adorable monster bookmark? All you need to make these bookmarks are paper, scissors, and some glue. To get started making a monster, you’ll mostly need to fold paper. Once the paper is all folded up, the kids will love decorating their monster any way they want. They can glue on a silly tongue or some frightening fangs. They can add a couple eyes to their monster, or even 10 eyes if they want!

3. Cookie spiders

This treat is good enough to eat! These cookie spiders only call for a handful of ingredients, and you don’t even have to fire up the stove or oven to put together these cute cookies. The kids will have a blast putting them together, and everyone will enjoy eating them. They would also make a great Halloween party platter.

4. Halloween slime

Make this one at your own risk! Halloween craft ideas for kids don't have to be limited to paper and glue. Stir up some spooky slime and you’ll have endless entertainment. It’s as simple as adding the ingredients to a bowl and stirring. Once the slime is mixed well, add some Googly eyes. You can throw in just a few, or as many as you want starting at you!

5. Pumpkin apple stamps

Did you know you can make pumpkin art with an apple? Simply cut an apple in half, and you’ve made a pumpkin stamp. From here, dab some orange paint onto the apple and you and the kids are ready to start stamping. And there’s no reason to stick to orange. Pumpkins come in all colors! To learn more, check out our pumpkin post: How To Grow Pumpkins. After the pumpkins are dry, add pipe cleaner stems and some Googly eyes.

6.Halloween toilet paper rolls

Whatever your kids dream up is possible with this easy Halloween craft. Some classic Halloween toilet paper art options include a pumpkin, mummy, vampire, and Frankenstein. Creating most of these creepy characters starts with some paint. You can keep it super simple by gluing on some cardstock, but the sky (and your kid’s imagination!) is the limit. And even when Halloween ends, you can surely make more colorful rolls for other holidays.

7. Monster stones

Just like the vampire bat leaf craft, this one gives you a reason to head outdoors and scrounge up supplies. Have your kids gather some flat stones. From here, paint the stones and let them dry. Then the kids can use a black Sharpie to draw a mouth. And is it even a craft without Googly eyes!? Once you’re done, scatter them in your garden to make it extra scary. Like a lot of these other crafts, you could make these stones into so many things!

8. Paper plate pumpkins

We’re big pumpkin fans. Our fun fall shirts even include tie dye pumpkin tees! This classic craft is both super simple and fun to say. There’s also less mess since there’s no paint needed. All you need to make an easy peasy pumpkin is markers, a hole punch, and some pipe cleaners. This will make a perfectly cute pumpkin, but you could also add something like glitter to really make them shimmer. Dig through your craft drawer and see what you can whip up!

9. Ghost garland

There’s just something so entertaining about making a paper chain. This ghost garland will look great hanging around your house. You can make a short one, or make it wind around your whole house for Halloween bonus points. This chain is extra Halloweenie thanks to the dangling ghosts. Once the ghosts are cut, draw some faces on. They can be happy, sad, mad, or anything in between. Add in some colorful ghosts for an even more boo-tiful garland.

10. Halloween stick puppets

This is another easy idea, and it all starts with some sticks. Some large wooden craft sticks to be exact! First, paint the sticks. When they’re dry, the real fun begins. The kids can use markers to create their characters. They can even make a mummy by wrapping some white pipe cleaners around their stick.


These are just a few of the many great Halloween craft ideas for kids. You can make these crafts with your kids in October, or any time throughout the year. Most of these crafts are super simple, making them perfect for kids. And many of these craft ideas could be tweaked to work for other holidays too. It’s time to start crafting some creepy creations!