7 Cute T-Shirts for Family Easter Outing

You've probably noticed a distinct shift lately: the sky is blue, the sun is out, and the bulb flowers are starting to pop their heads out of the ground. That's right, winter is on her way out and spring is on her way in. That means--you guessed it--Easter is right around the corner!

Holidays aren't just about big meals and gifts. They're also about creating lasting family memories, which can help your kids to lead healthy and happy lives.

To create a happy memory, you'll have to start with something memorable. This year, we encourage you to dress everyone up in cute t-shirts to commemorate Easter (and maybe snap a few pics, while you're at it)!

Where can you find cute t-shirts for Easter? Keep reading as we talk about our seven favorite Easter t-shirts

1. The Hoppy Easter T-Shirt

If you love a little leopard print and graphic lettering, you'll love the Hoppy Easter graphic t-shirt in white or oatmeal. The bold "hoppy" print backed by pink shadow lining complements the feminine cursive lettering spelling out "easter" on this sweet tee. This shirt is perfect for hunting down all those Easter eggs hidden by your favorite bunny!

2. The Retro Hunny Bunny T-Shirt 

If you love a throwback, the retro Hunny Bunny graphic t-shirt in white, white fleck, or oatmeal is perfect for you. The vintage, 1970s-style font will take you back to a time of glitz, glamour, and a little bit of sass and those bunny ears peeking out add to the sweetness of this style. Get one for you and your hunny bunnies!

3. The He Is Risen Floral T-Shirt

Are you looking for something that you can wear to Easter service and Easter brunch? The He Is Risen graphic t-shirt and white and oatmeal is a great match for both. Remind you and your loved ones what Easter is all about with this joyous and colorful design.

4. The Retro Bunny Babe T-Shirt

That's right, we've got another option for all of your retro-loving gals and families. The retro Bunny Babe graphic t-shirt in white will go great with a printed skirt or your favorite pair of jeans. The pink bubble lettering is cute and screams, "Springtime is here to stay!

5. The Don't Worry Be Hoppy T-Shirt

We all deserve a reminder to chill out and embrace the happy things in life. The Don't Worry Be Hoppy graphic t-shirt in white, white fleck, and oatmeal brings that funky, psychedelic style to our favorite time of year. Of course, we couldn't resist adding some adorable bunny faces to this look to really get you in the blissful Easter mood!

6. The Chillin With My Peeps T-Shirt

It's hard to think of Easter without thinking of those delicious and adorable sugar-coated marshmallow bunnies and chicks, so we've added them to one of our favorite Easter t-shirts. The Chillin With My Peeps graphic t-shirt in white, white fleck, and oatmeal is too cute for words. You won't want to miss the opportunity to share this Peeps shirt with all of your favorite peeps!

7. The Teal Leopard Bunny T-Shirt

If you're an animal lover that thrills at the thought of new life in the springtime, you'll love the Teal Leopard Bunny graphic t-shirt in white and oatmeal. This simple design does all of the talking for you, featuring a minimalist bunny silhouette that has been filled out with a teal, tan, and black leopard print. A little cheeky and a lot cute, this t-shirt is perfect for the whole family.

Dressing Up for Easter Photoshoots

Looking for some Easter photoshoot inspo? We've got your back!

Start with matching t-shirts from Rockledge Designs and add any props you want, like stuffed animals, bunny ears, or Easter baskets. Make sure that you've got plenty of front-lighting (face the sun!) and a backdrop that you'll love, like your church, your home, or a gorgeous field of springtime growth.

At the end of the day, don't forget to have fun! Tell jokes or play songs to get your family smiling for every photo and let every photo be the "silly" one!

Which Cute T-Shirts Will Your Family Wear This Easter? 

When you're planning your family Easter outing, think about how you can create long-lasting and happy memories. A photoshoot with cute t-shirts that have Easter themes and images will do the trick, and your family members will love looking back on those fun family photos.

Looking for more great apparel for every occasion? Take a look at the full Rockledge Designs collection. From holidays to mom life, we've got t-shirts to suit all of your moods.