Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Tough Mama!

Motherhood is a tough job, and your mama is one tough lady. But even the toughest moms want to feel special sometimes. Mother's Day is a wonderful day to shower her with the love and appreciation she deserves.

Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 9 this year. It's coming up quickly, but there’s still plenty of time to find a special gift to show your mom how much you appreciate her. Below is a list of 10 gift ideas for your tough mama. All the items listed below can be ordered and received before Mother's Day and shipped almost anywhere in the US!

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Your Tough Mama!

  • Handwriting bracelet

  • Coffee subscription
  • Shower bombs
  • Family names throw pillow cover
  • Wearable blanket
  • Mama and baby gummy bears
  • Mother’s Day Send a Cake
  • Mother’s Day wine
  • Labors of love
  • Portable charger

1. Handwriting bracelet


Actual handwriting is used to make this beautiful bracelet. Any mom is sure to be touched by words of love written by her loved ones. It’s a sweet keepsake she can wear with her everywhere she goes.

2. Coffee Subscription


What better Mother’s Day gift for a coffee-loving mom than a coffee subscription tailored to her taste? The service starts by sending 4 different coffees and allowing the recipient to review them. Future coffee shipments will then suit her preferences.

3. Shower bombs


Busy moms don’t always have time to draw a bath and enjoy a luxurious soak. Thankfully bath bombs have a cousin: shower bombs! All she has to do is place one in the shower and let the aroma of essential oils help her relax.

4. Family names throw pillow cover


This adorable throw pillow cover can be personalized with the names of everybody in the family. It makes for a meaningful gift with the names of all the people she loves most.

5. Wearable blanket


Moms are always on the move, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the cozy comfort of a blanket all the time. Thankfully blankets can be worn everywhere. This wearable blanket is made with fluffy sherpa and sure to keep her toasty all the time.

6. Mama and baby gummy bears


Mother’s Day is the perfect time for a sweet treat. Why not some adult Rosé gummy cubes topped with a cute bow? And no worries if mom has to drive the kids somewhere since the gummies have no alcohol.

7. Mother’s Day Send a Cake

Send a Cake

Treat mom with a sweet surprise! This fun cake explosion box not only includes delicious strawberry shortcake, but faux roses and paper butterflies that fly out of the box. The box is topped with beautiful Mother's Day ribbon, and custom photos can be added for an extra special surprise.

8. Mother’s Day wine

Mano’s Wine

When the kids whine, mom wines! Mother’s Day is the perfect time for her to put her feet up and unwind with a glass of wine. This bottle is etched and painted with “Mother” and has other nice words to lift her spirits. We recommend our "They whine, I wine" T-shirts, which pair perfectly with the Mother's Day wine!

9. Labors of love

An awesome Mother’s Day gift doesn’t even require money. Clean the house, wash the dishes, or take care of any tasks mom usually does so she can relax! This could also be an easy addition to another gift to make mom extra happy.

10. Portable charger


Not every gift needs to be flashy and fun. Sometimes you just want to help make her life easier. She’ll surely appreciate it, and a portable charger is perfect for moms that are always on the go.


From giving you life to loving you unconditionally, mom does it all! Don’t forget to shower her with love this Mother’s Day. But remember, Mother's Day isn't just about material things. You can write her a letter reminding her how much she means to you, pick her flowers, or make her breakfast in bed. There are endless ways to touch her heart on this special day.
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